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Welcome to the official web site of the free open source online book Introduction to programming with C# by Svetlin Nakov and his team. This is an unique book about the introduction to programming using C# programming language. It is free C# programming book covering the fundamental concepts of computer programming: logical thinking, data structures, algorithms and object-oriented programming (OOP). This is a conceptual book for beginners, a comprehensive programming tutorial, a textbook for software developers focusing on the basic concepts of computer programming. Follow the book and try to solve all exercises at the end of each chapter. To learn programming you need to practice. Svetlin Nakov is proven software engineer with 15 years of experience as software engineer, project leader and software development trainer. Read his recommendations about how to become a computer programmer, how to solve problems in informatics and computer science and gain the programming skills easy. The book is originally written in Bulgarian an currently there is no English version.

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