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18 responses to “Additional Resources about the Book “Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#””

  1. Jim says:

    I am looking for solutions to the exercises after each chapter. Do you have solutions (C# code)?

  2. mane narayan says:

    c# net and other language provide do

  3. KC says:

    Hi ,

    How can i download the mind maps to my local machine.Looks awesome to me

  4. ann says:

    it is easier to understand each topic with mind maps. how to download them?
    is there any free ebook in english about java programming that provide mind maps?

  5. […] and Software University, using the C# programming book and especially the presentation slides and live demos coming with the free C# book. Over 5000 students have passed live programming training  (as of […]

  6. Yanky says:

    Your book and videos are excellent! Thank you for making them available gratis.

    Do you know where I can find lots of C# code exercises and their solutions if I get stuck? I need to practice lots of coding on my own.

  7. Sugama says:

    i loking for solution for charpter Trees and Graph especially about findng Eulerian Path?
    can somebody help me. thx.

  8. reza says:

    Hi , I want to know reply this excercise in chapter 11 :

    12. Write a program that gets from the user the full path to a file (for example C:\Windows\win.ini), reads the content of the file and prints it to the console. Find in MSDN how to us the System.IO.File. ReadAllText(…) method. Make sure all possible exceptions will be caught and a user-friendly message will be printed on the console.

  9. ilya says:

    cant belive i stumble randomly on this awesome book by accident i finished as a junior software developer and strugling with my project i fhink this book will help alot all the topics in the book are not alien to me but i feel i lacking good practice with them.

    i read about how much effort you guys put into this book and dedication like this is priceless i wish you all the best in the world you guys deserve it.

  10. Mat says:


    The link for the mind maps is dead.
    Can you please, share an updated link to be able download these really well designed mind maps.


  11. levent bilgin says:

    Hi resulation Mind Map Plz. If Possible Pdf format will awasome..Thank you very much.

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