Mind Maps on the Book “Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#”

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  1. […] with associations and images. To improve your learning process a team of volunteers created an interactive mind map on the C# programming fundamentals book that represents the entire book with ability to drill-down […]

  2. Richard says:

    Guys, these maps are blank on IPad whether I use Safari OR Chrome!

  3. Sakkie says:

    Hi guys.

    I am so stoked to start with your book. Just a question on the mind maps. I’m looking for a download link but all I can find is the mind map itself. Nowhere a download button or something.

    I don’t have regular access to the internet and would like to view them offline if possible.


  4. Dr. EMAD OTHMAN says:

    Where Can I find the Java Book in English.

    Many thankxxxxxxxx

  5. akash says:

    hello everyone, after reading your excellent C# book in english i am looking forward for Java in english. i am pretty much impress by the C# book and waiting for such magic in Java book also please mail me when the book is finally written in english.
    thanks alot again for wounderful book and free tutorial inC# you all doing excellent job in creating good programmer .
    Wish you good luck!

  6. felix oppong says:

    Where can I find Java book

  7. Shohagkhan says:


  8. Anisa says:

    Cara membuat peta konsep

  9. Stina says:


  10. mahtab says:

    hi there, I want to start programming, but I do not know which language and I want to be a professional software engineer.
    what language do you recommend?

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